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Anahid Sofian….where should I start????? Anahid has been a HUGE INSPIRATION in my life. Not only is she an incredible dancer, but she is the symbol of perseverance and strength.

You guys might have seen the What’s Coming Up posts promoting Anahid’s 35th anniversary show, well, Crain’s NY Business wrote an article about it and about Anahid’s studio. They also shot an absolutely beautiful 4 min. documentary of Anahid. You can really get a sense of her passion and love for oriental dance. She never gives up and she makes things happen for herself. Take a look below and read the article here!




Stumbled upon this really interesting and revealing documentary on beledi dancers in Egypt and wanted to share for those who haven’t yet seen it.. these are women mostly just looking to support themselves and their families etc and are dancing just to get by…It was beautiful to see how dance can get these women independently stable with homes and a way to support their kids… many are divorcees… God bless them.. anyway a really good watch… Enjoy!