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Today I got super inspired by The Nutcracker. Why – you ask?

1. Because I’m the nanny to a 3 year old and she’s obsessed! I was reading her the book today and that’s when I remembered… there’s an Arabian inspired dance – in the story, the ballerina represents Arabian coffee lol. I feel like my obsession is starting to make sense now – I loved this ballet when I was little.

2. The beautiful images are great for costume inspiration alone if nothing else.

3. I love anything that has to do with holiday spirit!

I have also made a youtube playlist of some incredible versions of this dance. They’re each different and incredibly beautiful  – I would say the third one in the list is the most unique. Anyway…take a look!


Let me know what you think + Happy Holidays!



There isn’t much info out there on Soraya Melik. But I did learn that she danced at the Egyptian Gardens with another wonderful dancer Saliha. Soraya hit the NYC dance scene in the 60’s and 70’s. She was a very classy dancer who incorporated  older traditional belly dance movements into her dance, she was truly authentic. She also recorded music, which is pretty cool – if you want to check it out visit this website