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On March 20th I went to see the incomparable Sadie bust a move at Drom in NYC. The show was presented by Nourhan Sharif and included a talented roster of dancers including Samantha Diaz and Tandava, a great dancer who produces a show called Blood on the Veil.

Every dancer was incredible. I was especially excited to see Sadie dance in real life and she did not disappoint. Her drum solos are killer! After the show I was able to take a quick pic and I just have to say that not only is she incredibly talented, but she’s so sweet and humble 🙂 Definitely check out her website for upcoming events, online classes and dvds!

Okay so I know this party was over a month ago, but  it was so much fun, I just had to write a bit about it.

First of all Anahid Sofian is a legend and if you’re ever in NYC you really need to take class with her! (Anahid’s info.)

She also happens to throw a great party. The incredible, dynamic, passionate (and a million other adjectives) Aszmara was the special guest artist and she literally blew my mind as usual. In addition there were several AMAZING dancers including Najma, Teodora, Uza Mitra, and  Zobeida (interview with Zobeida coming soon!).

Of course all of this was topped off with great live music. Nabil Bekkali played the keyboard and Richard Khuzami was on drums – he’s awesome by the way and a great teacher 🙂

Anahid ended the night with some Armenian line dancing which was great – just a fun night all around 🙂

Hopefully more fun events to come!

Enjoy your Friday!




L to R: Torkom, Kay, Ahmed, Me


Wow! I think I lost 5 pounds after Ahmed Hussien‘s Egyptian style workshop last night!

Ahmed started out with some pretty intense warm ups, during which he was cheering us on and making us laugh – his positive energy is completely contagious!

Then he moved into some combinations followed by a choreo which we worked on for the rest of the night. He was warm, encouraging, gave helpful corrections and made us all feel at ease as he interspersed his teaching with funny anecdotes.

I will be totally honest with you guys, there were basically 3 sections of the choreography – even though we did this a billion times I still messed up the second section single every time – but it didn’t matter at all – that’s how much fun I was having. I’m telling you all right now if Ahmed comes to your neck of the woods you don’t want to miss his class!

Here is an older video of him – how can you not smile watching this? 😀

Happy dancing guys!







This past weekend was Rakkasah East! I didn’t get to go, but my awesome friend Lili Zayda did and she took some pics for me. Rakkasah is a belly dance festival that features vendors, performances, and workshops. If you missed Rakkasah, mark your calendars now for Spring Caravan in NJ – May 2nd – 4th.

Did anyone get to go to Rakkasah this past weekend? How was it???


Yesterday I headed uptown to see my friend Shirae dance. She is part of a modern dance company directed by  Darnetha Lincoln M’Baye that works with Afro- contemporary styles. Shirae is an awesome dancer (which she proved to me last year when we went to a party and she got into a break dance battle lol), she’s been dancing since she was a kid, so I knew I was in for a good show. The group performed 3 different numbers, each with a different feeling. The choreography was beautiful, dynamic and captivating. As I was watching the dancers, I couldn’t help but think about how their sweeping arm movements, twists and spins, would translate into belly dance. I know a lot of belly dancers have a background in modern and ballet, but for those of us that don’t, it’s always cool to observe other forms of dance and get inspired!
















Such great dancers – I love watching their hands !


Last week I got back from an awesome trip to Armenia! While I was in Yerevan ( the capital), I got to see the incredible State Dance Ensemble of Armenia. The male dancers were full of energy. They wowed the audience with amazing stunts and super fast footwork that they made look easy. The female dancers were my favorite. They were so graceful, they moved around in their beautiful costumes as if they were floating. I loved watching each small movement of their hands and arms, everything they did looked effortless. I was completely mesmerized. I have uploaded videos of their dance troupe from YouTube and you can like them on Facebook here


P.s. you should definitley search “armenian dance troupe” on YouTube to see different groups from around the world 🙂

me and rana

I was lucky enough to take a workshop at Anahid sofian’s studio this weekend with the incrediblePersian dancer Rana Gorgani.

On Saturday we focused on classical Persian/ Iranian dance. Her passion/love for the dance, its history and place in culture is evident in each of her movements. Every motion has symbolism which makes the dance so beautiful and special. We looked at our hands as if they were birds, we turned them into flowers and raised them to the sky. There was a lot of focus on wrists, hands and arms and posture. She told us to think of our bodies as trees – strong and unmoving, and our arms as branches. Overall day one was awesome.

Today Rana taught us some folkloric dances. These dances are danced for ceremonies etc. they always have a purpose. Rana explained that she went to different tribes and learned these dances through observation. Some of the symbols in these dances are weaving, cleaning, washing etc. We used scarves – one in each hand which can represent many different things depending on the dance. Once again, an awesome class.

Although I don’t remember everything Rana said, these are the two things that really stuck with me:

The dancer is the connection between earth and God

Dancing is like learning words. You learn the words so you can put them in a sentence. You can say the sentence however you want – with caution, with strength, with love etc.

Actually shout out to Anahid who said something really similar in class yesterday 🙂




~ S


Last Thursday I got to see my amazing teacher Sira ( and the fabulous Yasmine (, headline Night of the Sirens  at the Sullivan Room, presented by Jerry Bezdikian.  Sira and Yasmine each danced a solo and finished the night off with a very cute drum duo competition. The clip is of the beginning of the show, where they entered the room with candles and danced to a  beautiful ciftetelli …..sssssssssssssssssss……..