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I love a good headpiece – hope you can grab some inspiration from these beautiful images, including illustrations from one of my favorite illustrators Edmund Dulac – all from pinterest 🙂

Okay…I know she’s not a bellydancer, but if this isn’t inspiration I don’t know what is! After watching Beyonce kick ass last night at the VMAs I felt so inspired.  What an amazing dancer/singer/performer/entertainer, she puts out such great energy and is completely captivating and confident. Even though it’s not bellydance, there are elements to be taken from this dance! I guarantee after you watch this you’re going to be in the dancing mood! So watch Bey and then get your practice on!


Watch the performance HERE! 



The ney has “a pure, universal spiritual sound”…it “speaks the language of love, instantly comprehensible in the heart…”



This weeks Belly Beatz is inspired by my interview with Alia Thabit!

Mercan Dede, also known as DJ Arkin Allen, is a multi-talented musician. He plays the ney and bendir as well as composing, producing and djing.

Dede is know for his fusion of traditional Turkish and Middle-Eastern music with modern electronic sounds. His music is also influenced by sufism and spirituality.

To learn more about Mercan Dede go HERE!

Dede is the musical director of the Guldestan project  – The Istanbul State Ballet. View music videos and videos of the ballet below!


I know it’s technically Friday…but’s #TBT is inspired by my interview with Alia Thabit! Ibrahim, or Bobby, as he was called by his family and friends, was one of Alia’s first teachers and mentors. In fact, he was a mentor to many in NYC and around the world.

So Here’s The Deal: 

In 1939, Robert Ibrahim Farrah was born in Western Pennsylvania to Lebanese parents. When he was just a little boy, he would dance and perform at family parties. Cute tidbit, Farrah considered his mother to be his first dance teacher 🙂 Ibrahim carried this love of dance with him into adulthood.

In 1957, Ibrahim attended college at Penn State and earned his bachelor’s in American History. A love of history would play a huge part in Ibrahim’s life, although… not American.

After graduating Farrah took a 6 week trip to Lebanon and then moved to Washington D.C.

It was in D.C. that Ibrahim met dancer Adriana, who encouraged him and became his mentor. Farrah began performing at places like The Syrian Club, he also began teaching and was a drummer + M.C. at Club Suez.

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It’s not everyday Anahid posts a video of herself dancing! How lucky are we !?!? Check out her crazy floor work moves below 🙂 #chills


And take a look at the incredible Eva Cernik! Don’t miss her veil class!


click HERE for more info on her workshop!




I first saw Alia dance at JeBon, a restaurant in NYC, a couple of years ago. I was completely captivated. Alia has a really special way of drawing her audience in and mesmerizing them with even the smallest movement. Everything she does is so smooth! She is a dance veteran and a former student of Ibrahim Farrah. She has also been inspired by Elena Lentini, Dunya McPherson, Azza Sherif, Tamalyn Dallal, and Leila Farid. Alia is an accomplished dancer and teacher who has danced on three continents, in six countries, and fifteen states.

Alia is  also the creator of a cool concept/ online motivational tool called the 90 Day Dance Party Challenge. When I found out about it, I jumped at the opportunity to participate. In this challenge, Alia asks you to dance for 20 minutes everyday, to any type of music. She sends the most amazing prompts and inspiration ( or love notes as she calls them  🙂 )  your way to get you going. My favorite part was getting the love notes, it is so apparent how much time and thought Alia puts into each one.

Being a part of the dance challenge, and seeing Alia dance, sparked my curiosity. I wanted to learn more about her, and luckily I got the chance!

Listen to Alia’s interview above and read along below, where you’ll also find links to some of the things she talks about AND… Listen to her playlist :D. 

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*images from pinterest

Hope this inspires some experimentation 🙂 Let me know how it goes!




Looking for some costume inspiration? I love these vintage circus photos. The costumes have so many interesting treatments, textures, and beading. Hope you guys like them!





This Belly Beats post is inspired by this weeks interview with Kay Kizi’ah (read here!) and this week’s #TBT, Ragaa Youssef (read here!).
Warda’s style was an eclectic mix of “Parisian chic and the more vivacious North African colourings”


Warda Al- Jazairia, born Warda Ftouki, was born July 22, 1939, just outside of Paris. Her mother was Lebanese and her father was Algerian.

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This weeks #TBT was recommended to me by my friend Raissa. Ragaa has been one of Raissa’s favorites for years, and it’s easy to see why! Ragaa’s dancing is very dynamic, smooth, and seductive all at the same time. I think she has a very unique energy – definitely a dancer to learn from!

There isn’t much information out there about Ragaa, but I did find some tidbits. Ragaa, an Egyptian dancer, began her career in the Akef Circus, and later she worked in the Helw Circus as an acrobat. In the first video of the playlist below you will see her do a killer backbend – definitely circus status!

Ragaa was featured in many films as both an actress and a dancer throughout the 50’s. On several occasions she danced in a duo with her sister Awatef Youssef.

Later in her life Ragaa formed a production company with her husband.

Enjoy TBB’s Ragaa Youssef YouTube Playlist!