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So here’s the deal:

Nergis Mogol was only 3 years old when she first made a stage appearance— in 1926 (she was born in 1923). She traveled throughout Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait and Lebanon and gained international fame.


Why we <3 her:

There isn’t a ton of info that we could find on Nergis, but we really love how she was called not only a dancer, but an actress, as many of the belly dancers of the Golden Age were considered to more




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Princess Madiha was born and raised in Syria. Her mother came from a royal bloodline in Syria, and although her family did not have the money that came with it, they did have their titles, hence the “princess”.

Madiha was born with a love of music and dance, she told Gisselle Fobbs for her “The Best of Habibi” interview, “My mother told me that my cousin came over one night when I was about 40 days old and played the rababa while I was lying by the fire in my cradle. While he was playing his instrument, my feet were kicking in time to the music.”

When she was five, Madiha watched a film with Samia Gamal. This was her first exposure to oriental dance, and she was hooked. She said, as a child, “Whenever I heard someone
walk by the school playing a transistor radio, I felt compelled to stand up and dance. Every time I did this I got sent home from school.”

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