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World renowned dancer and instructor Ranya Renee’s performance prep series and holiday gala are back– now in their 9th year! Over the course of the series, participants have the opportunity to focus on performance skills and technique, work with live musicians, receive individual coaching, and perform a piece with the band in the gala show.

In workshops, we’ll spend time “trying on” famous people/characters to explore the various flavors of your oriental persona. We’ll also work with posture and line that go with different flavors/aspects of audience gaze — how to look at the audience. Ranya’s famous breathwork techniques will be a major focus in workshops. Technique that we drill in the warmup will then be applied to performance skills work.

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Workshops in the series take place on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Thursday workshops will take place at CAP21 Studios, 18 W. 18th St., from 8-9:30pm. Sunday workshops will take place in the 12-3pm and sometimes 12-5pm range. More than one class will be offered on certain Sundays. It will be possible to take individual classes/workshops in the series a la carte, without committing to the full series or to performing in the show.

Workshop topics will include technique (e.g. choosing appropriate movements for different rhythms), performance skills (e.g. relating to the audience), and Arabic musicality.
You do not need to attend every workshop in the series, but requirements to participate in the 9th Annual Holiday Gala on Sunday, Dec. 15, include: a minimum of 15 hours of attended workshops, band rehearsals (most likely on Dec. 8 and the day of the show), 1.5 hours of semi-private coaching sessions, and 3 hours of observation of others’ semi-private sessions. You can get an economical package to attend everything, or class-card discount packages to pay as you go.

Please contact if you’re interested in the series and let us know about your availability on these dates.

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