me and rana

I was lucky enough to take a workshop at Anahid sofian’s studio this weekend with the incrediblePersian dancer Rana Gorgani.

On Saturday we focused on classical Persian/ Iranian dance. Her passion/love for the dance, its history and place in culture is evident in each of her movements. Every motion has symbolism which makes the dance so beautiful and special. We looked at our hands as if they were birds, we turned them into flowers and raised them to the sky. There was a lot of focus on wrists, hands and arms and posture. She told us to think of our bodies as trees – strong and unmoving, and our arms as branches. Overall day one was awesome.

Today Rana taught us some folkloric dances. These dances are danced for ceremonies etc. they always have a purpose. Rana explained that she went to different tribes and learned these dances through observation. Some of the symbols in these dances are weaving, cleaning, washing etc. We used scarves – one in each hand which can represent many different things depending on the dance. Once again, an awesome class.

Although I don’t remember everything Rana said, these are the two things that really stuck with me:

The dancer is the connection between earth and God

Dancing is like learning words. You learn the words so you can put them in a sentence. You can say the sentence however you want – with caution, with strength, with love etc.

Actually shout out to Anahid who said something really similar in class yesterday 🙂




~ S

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